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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 5AM  FOX  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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3 accident shuts down i-275 in *both directions. we're live as crews work to clear the scene and reopen the busy roadway ahead of the morning rush. 3 ((jen a final pitch before the iowa caucuses. the democratic candidates take the stage at a town hall meeting in iowa. they face some tough questions, but this was no debate. 3 ((walter can't you just see him smiling? happiness. we'll tell you why this guy just put some humans to shame. 3 3 ((walter)) 3 for joining us. i'm walter epstein. 3
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we start this morning with a deadly accident in hillsborough county, that had 275 shut down in both
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3 fox13's "ken suarez" is live at the scene... ken, what 3 3
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thanks, ken! 3
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(dave 3 3
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3 seven pinellas county sheriff's office recruits are out of work. the sheriff says they cheated on their training exams, with some help from a deputy, who's also looking for a new job. 3 sheriff "bob gualtieri" used words like "appalled" and "heart-wrenching" when describing how he feels about this. he says this is a group of recruits that doesn't belong in law enforcement. 3 this all has to do with the recruits' exam phase. gaultieri says one recuit, "darold cook" decided to cheat. so he turned to a friend deputy "eric biddle". in a text exchange cook asked to quote get some of the study material". biddle responded by telling him he would get him the actual exam, but warned cook not to share it or show it to anyone because that would spark and internal affairs investigation. but cook passed the test around anyway. some turned him down, but six others took advantage. sheriff gualtieri got heated when
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3 exams test potential deputies on the basics of law one of the trainers noticed the recruit's answers were almost *too perfect and seemed rehersed. so and investigation was started. we contacted biddle and cook, but haven't heard back. the sheriff says there's a chance everyone involved could have their law enforcement certifications pulled or suspended. 3 this morning, a lakeland family is pleading for the safe return of their beloved yorkie. 3 here's a picture of the stolen dog, "toby".. a one year old yorkie. deputies say three young men broke into toby's home on pebblebrooke boulevard in lakeland friday. they not only stole the dog, but also electronics and food. the family says they
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3 here's a picture of the thieves.. believed to be between 16 and 20-years-old. they were in a dark nissan.. which has since been found.. along with the rest of the stolen property. but the crooks and the dog have not been located. anyone with information is asked to call the polk sheriff's office or crimestoppers. 3 3 we have an update on a double murder in manatee county.. 3 detectives have charged "dwayne cummings" in connection with the deaths of "karl tuxford" and tuxford's girlfriend, "jordan finlon". cummings has been in the manatee county jail since last week when he was charged with two counts of armed kidnapping in the case. according to an arrest report, deputies received information that finlon stole money from cummings. deputies say cummings told his cousin they were going to beat finlon up and kill tuxford. 3 bucs quarterback "jameis winston" has been under the microscope for his off the field behavior, before he became a buc. now, the woman who says winston raped
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universi in her lawsuit against f-s-u, the woman said the university failed to respond to her allegations. she said winston sexually quarterback at the university back in 2012. 3 "erica kinsman" went public with her allegation. she said she was drunk at a group of young men took her to an apartment... where she alleges winston raped her. winston has repeatedly denied it... saying the sex was consensual. a prosecutor chose not to press criminal charges, saying there were gaps in kinsman's story and not enough evidence. yesterday, f-s-u announced it will end the civil suit with a settlement. f-s-u has agreed to pay kinsman 250- thousand-dollars. her attorney's will get 700- thousand-dollars as well. bringing the grand total to 950-thousand-dollars. f-s-u's president says had they not settled, it would have likely cost the university millions. 3 but it's not over yet. this settlement was with *f-s-u. there's still a separate lawsuit against
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that's pending in *federal court. so far we haven't seen any comments or statements from winston or the bucs. 3 a proposal to allow concealed carry permit holders in florida to carry openly is being blasted by city of tampa leaders. 3 mayor "bob buckhorn", tampa police chief "eric ward" and state attorny "mark ober" say the proposal puts the police and public at risk. the bill has already passed two house committees and is being pushed hard by lobbyists. they say it would allow floridians to fully embrace the second amendment, as well as protect concealed permit holders who accidentally display their weapon. mayor buchorn says an open display of guns would make the state less-welcoming to tourists. 3 3 the bill has one more committee to pass before it can taken up by the entire house. that could happen later this week.
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downtown st. pete is getting a few more street parking spaces. but you'll have to *back into them. 3 it's called reverse...or back in...angle parking and it's already been done in more than a dozen cities nationwide. now, st. pete thinks it has the perfect local proving ground: second avenue north next to williams park. p-s-t-a buses use that block right now but they'll be gone by valentine's day. since the new parking is just for the park...we're told no businesses will impacted by the experiment. 3 )) 3 back in angle parking is considered to be safer...since drivers can see oncoming traffic...instead of just backing out blindly. 3 3 time for our good day good deed this morning.... after a tragic fire left a family with nothing... hillsborough county deputies pitched in to help pick up the pieces.
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month at a home in the parks at lake magdalene. the blaze destroyed the home and everything inside... leaving a grandmother and her 11-year-old grandson 'khalin' with nothing. that's when deputies 'brito', 'spear', and 'barnes' used their own money to buy the family clothes and school supplies. they also gave khalin's grandmother gift cards that walmart and publix donated to buy food. and in an extra special surprise... the deputies bought a new bicycle for the little boy. the tampa bay red cross is also helping the family recover. 3 still ahead: a potential solution for the sunshine state's citrus greening problem. we'll show you how university of florida scientists are using lasers to
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3 democratic presidential candidates face off for their final time before the iowa caucus... ... this time in a town hall forum in des moines. but while the event wasn't a debate... the audience was able to ask the tough questions. fox news
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3 ((take pkg))runs: 1:41out: std chyrons:0:00-0:04 hillary clinton / (d) presidential candidate cnn courtesy 0:20-0:24 sen. bernie sanders / (d-vt) presidential candidate cnn courtesy1:25-1:32 martin o'malley / (d) presidential candidatecnn courtesy1:33-1:41 kelly wright / fox news correspondent (on-cam "fox news" tag) ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------clinton says: "there are very different visions, different values, different forces at work." tough questions for democratic presidential candidates in iowa... taking part in a town hall forum at drake university in des moines. while the candidates weren't on stage together... there was still a war of words... as sanders questioned hillary's decisions. sanders says: "secretary clinton was secretary of state for four years. // experience is important, but judgment is also important."clinton says: "you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter." sanders was sanders says: "well what democratic socialism means to mean is that economic rights, the right for economic security should exist in the united states of america." and he defended tax increases for his social programs.sanders says: "we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums." clinton was pressed on her support for fixing income inequality... which has been a major platform issue for sanders.clinton says: "and today in knoxville at a town hall, i called on a man he said we had it never so good except when your husband was president because we tackled income inequality." and while former maryland governor is lagging in the polls in iowa... o'malley says he's in it to win it. 3 o'malley says: "so my message to o'malley supporters across this state is to hold strong at your caucus."(on-cam tag) the democrats don't have any more debates scheduled before the iowa caucuses ... which take place next monday. in
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3 on the republican-side. front-runner "donald trump" says he's not 100-percent sure he will participate in the upcoming "fox news channel" debate. he says he does not think moderator "megyn kelly" can treat him fairly. while talking to c-n-n he
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biased, but that doesn't mean he won't do the debate. that debate, the last before the iowa caucuses will be held thursday. 3 on a lighter note: check this out. "ben cohen" one of ben & jerry's co- founders has put this together. it's an ice cream flavor called "bernie's yearning" and it's dedicated to democratic nominee "bernie sanders". he created 40 pints of the ice cream, which is *not an offical ben & jerry's flavor. it's mint ice cream topped with a chocolate disk that is supposed to represent the wealth disparity between the classes. 3 3 it's now 5:__. time
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dave. 3 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to happening on the roads - with our "skyfox on time
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he had to see it 3 u-s senator "bill nelson" visited polk county... to see the laser technology that could be the key to saving the state's citrus crop. 3 is a bacterial infection that has laid waste to *billions of dollars worth of florida citrus plants over the past decade. researchers say they *may have found a way to cure it.... with *lasers. and that's what brought senator nelson to lakeland. 3 university of florida scientists met with senator nelson in here's how the technology works: it uses a laser to cut a small incision in the leaf of an infected citrus antibiotic into the incision... and applies a wax to repair the incision. the antibiotic travels to the infected area of the tree... beneath its bark... and kills the bacteria. senator nelson could be a game-
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3 scientists say the early results more research is needed. now, they'll have more money to carry it out... today, the u-s department of agriculture will award the university of florida's citrus research and education center... a 6-point-8 million dollar grant... to continue their 3 and a cure for citrus greening can't come fast enough... the disease, is spread by insects, has wiped out an estimated 130-thousand acres of citrus in florida since 2005... costing the state 3-point-6 billion dollars in revenue. last year's citrus harvest was the lowest florida has seen in 52 years. 3 ((walter)) still ahead: it looks like apple is already looking to replace it's iphone 5s.((jen)) the changes apple's next big release could feature. 3 (jen plus, it's not just
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show you some of clearwater marine aquarium's latest it' s a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time.
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3 welcome back the time is 5:xx... rumors have been swirling about a new i-phone 6-c. but, apple says the new design is actually an upgrade on an older model. the company says they are updating the existing i-phone 5-s.... to appeal to people looking for a i-phone with a smaller screen. the 5-s was originally releaed back in
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3 20-13. the remake will be called the i-phone 5-s-e.... for special edition. the new phone will look like the older model... but have all the latest software and features of newer versions. 3 coca-cola is cutting more sugar from its coke life drinks. it comes after reports showed falling sales throughout all of 20-15. the company says its green- packaged drinks will now have just 4-teaspoons of sugars. the new formula will have 45-percent fewer calories than regular coca-cola... the original version had 33- percent less. the change comes as health officials push people to consume less sugar health. 3 the cold weather we're experiencing is taking a toll on our sea turtles.. 3 the folks at the clearwater marine aquarium had a busy weekend.. they rescued 19 sea turtles that had been severely affected by the cold water temperatures. they found another nine that turtles are cold blooded.. and when the water is so cold like systems can slow to the point
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function properly. the m-a.. and vets are hopeful they'll all recover. 3 it takes a certain type of discipline to complete a half marathon. coming up, an unexpected guest smokes the in alabama. 3 ((walter just hours after u-s supreme court stands by a woman's right to have an abortion. the florida house advances a bill that would be a near-total ban.
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3 it's 5:xx, 3 welcome back to good day tampa bay. i'm walter allen, thanks for joining us.((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off by checking in with dave... when is it
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3 3 3 it's 5:xx, looking at some of today's top stories: polk county deputies want you to be on the lookout for this blue, two-door car. along side two bicyclists gunpoint. it happened in on johnson avenue and luel street. deputies say the his mid-20s or early 30s... and has a beard. anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office. 3 a man is dead after an accident on the courtney campbell causeway. we first reported the accident as a news alert monday on good day. police say a man driving a pontiac lost control
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nissan... one of his passengers was thrown from his car... but he kept on going. he was later found and taken into custody. one of his passengers .. jonathan mendoza- pena .. was killed .. and the other was seriously injured. the driver of the nissan was *not badly hurt. alcohol is believed to be a factor in the crash. 3 3 florida lawmakers are moving forward with a near-total ban on abortions. plus a *second bill placing new requirements on doctors who perform abortions. fox13's "anjuli davis" is live on that story this morning. 3 what is this all about? 3 obviously the abortion debate has always been a polarizing topic.but a monday vote, in the florida house is now causing a renewed buzz, across the state. 3 house bill 865 would make performing an abortion, or operating an abortion clinic a first-degree *felony in the state of florida.the bill was introduced to the house by representative charles van zant of keystone heights...that's in north central florida.representative van zant has backed similar legislation for the past seven years...but it's never been introduced into a committee before.some tallahassee insiders-- suggest that it was *this year-- out of courtesy final session. the bill
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beginning at conception, and would make it a crime to perform an abortion unless two doctors agree and certify that it's needed to prevent death or serious permanent injury to the mother. the bill passed in a house criminal justice panel yesterday by an 8-3 party-line vote. the bill would have to pass two more committee votes before it would be taken to the floor of the house for a vote. if the proposal were passed by the would directly conflict with the u-s supreme court's 1973 roe vs. wade ruling...and likely be overturned. another piece of anti-abortion legislation is also moving through the florida legislature. another bill moving through the first phase of committee voting would end medicaid payments to any clinic performing in tampa,
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3 3 ((jen / thanks, anjuli. 3 3 across america this morning... more developments in the lead contamination crisis in flint, michigan. detroit's former mayor now says officials knew about the problem long before they let on. 3 residents are still reeling after being exposed to toxic levels of rust, iron, and lead. it happened when the city switched from detroit's water supply... to the flint river. e-mails released last week show officials tossing the blame back and forth for months... before anything was done. but former mayor 'kwame kilpatrick' says they knew about the problem for even longer. he's serving a prison sentence for fraud and wrote a letter to reporters... saying he knew about the lead contamination back in 2004. however.. local sources say some of the facts don't line up in kilpatrick's statements. we have new information the san bernardino terror attacks. 3 law enforcement sources say a bomb left behind at the social services center was
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farook" and "tashfeen malik" killed 14 people when they opened fire at the center. they then drove around the building.. apparently trying to detonate the remote-controlled bomb.. but it never went off. investigators believe the couple intended to detonate the improvised explosive device to kill emergency responders. 3 the world health organization warns the zika virus is likely to spread to the u-s. 3 it's trasmitted by mosquitos. experts say it will rapidly spread because people lack immunity to it. the zika virus causes birth defects, poor brain development and abnormally small heads in newborns. the c-d-c says pregnant women should postpone travel to latin america and the caribbean. the florida department of health confirmed a case in hillsborough county. and two others in miami-dade county. 3 a wild case of road rage is caught on camera in texas. 3 it happened on a busy road in austin. this dashcam video shows a driver swinging a baseball bat as he walks up to another
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second guy gets out of his car, then goes back in and returns.... with a pole. the two face off .. in what almost looks like an odd sword fight. after that .. both men walk back to their cars .. and drive off. there's no word on what led up to the argument.. 3 completeling a half marathon is no easy task. but at one race in alabama participants got beat by an unlikely last minute runner. 3 plus, it looks like diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend. coming up, we'll show you why the younger generations are saying "no thank you" to some extravagant gifts. 3 3 ((dave))
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our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television.
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3 3 the opening scene to the classic movie: breakfast at tiffany's. staring "audrey hepburn" and "george peppard". the timeless classic for so many reasons... the actors, the location- new york city.. and of course- tiffany's. 3 that iconic box with it's robin-egg blue coloring. it makes a woman's heart flutter in anticipation. but that is all coming to
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3 the ladies of this generation couldn't care less about that tiffany teal box, so it would seem. yeah, the life of luxury as we know it may be coming to an end at least if the millennials and the "i-generation" have a say in the matter. 3 it's reflective in their latest numbers.. tiffany's sales dropped five percent last month. in december, the height of gift- giving.. and a little extravagance. but the younger generations don't want luxury for luxury-sake. 3 in a new study- they said they want experiences and-or technology. gone are the days when diamonds are a girl's best friend.. now- unless it's a diamond encrusted i-phone case with the latest edition inside.. they'll pass. 3 that's not to say they don't like luxury brands at all. they just want them to have some use.. like a vera bradley luggage set that they can use for years. or a patagonia vest they can wear all year long. 3 the i-gen - the teens
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debt... and they certainly don't want to be like the older millenial generation... in debt forever. those teens aren't balking just at luxury brand names.. but also more expensive things like cars, and colleges.. opting for
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3 it's now 5:__. time to check the forecast with dave. 3 3 3 it is 5:__: time now to find out what's happening on the roads - with our
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3 3 3 3 3 and if you're in downtown tampa today, brace yourselves for some cannon fire. ye mystic krewe will be at city hall this afternoon waiting for may buckhorn to surrender the city. they will arrive at lykes gaslight park by *float around 11-30 this morning. the meeting takes place at noon. if the past is any indication, the mayor likely will *not give
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weekend. 3 3 in sports this morning: another buc makes it to the pro bowl... and the lightning start contract negotiations with steven stamkos. here's fox13 sports diretor "chip carter". 3 jameis winston is going to the pro bowl, he's the first rookie quarterback in team history to make this trip, he is taking the place of tom brady in the game....... the bucs will now have five players in the pro bowl.....three of them on offense and honestly, i can't remember the last time that's happened, i can tell you this, it was a while least ten years.... i've been saying for the last few weeks that winston should be the rookie of the year, i know he's matched up against todd gurley, but as qu play buccaneer qb's to make the pro bowl are jeff garcia, brad johnson and trent dilfer, and again, winston is the first rookie in team history to make it.... winston joins two more bucs in hawaii...logan mankins will be taking the spot of the panthers trai turner... it's mankins' seventh trip to the pro bowl.... lavonte david is also going to hawaii.... many think he should have been going all along... david has never been to the pro bowl and had a monster year for the bucs.. ball offer from the lightning's which is slightly embarrasing...... it's not close to what he would get in free agency, and it's not close to what he's i'll give the bolts the benefit of the doubt and say it's just a rumor.... the sixty eight million dollar deal would put stamkos in the top ten in the league -- but he would be eighth, and quy player stamkos is worth at least nine million a is it an eight year deal, and free agent contracts have to cap out at seven...but still, it's not enough.... stammer tells us he knows there is a lot of talk about his future..
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teammates.... but he did get alot of questions from fans during the team's
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3 it's not uncommon to see all sorts of people at a city sponsored event.. like a half marathon. but check this out. this guy decided to participate during the elkmont half marathon in alabama. "ludivane's" owner had let her out for a stroll in the yard.. when she wandered right onto the path of the half marathon! not one to give up, the bloodhound trotted alongside the other runners and finished in an impressive 7th place. she even got a medal for her hard work. the best part: her owner had *no idea about the pups accomplishment, until
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3 on facebook. 3 at first glance he looks like any normal seventh grader. but one local student is doing something amazing. we'll show you how he's turned his personal struggle into a way to help others. stay
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introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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3 "junhao zhang", or as his friends call him jim looks like an average 7th grader. but the chinese immigrant is *far from ordinary. as fox13's "kelly ring" tells us, he has turned his own personal struggle .. into a platform to help others. 3 two-and-a-half years ago jim and his mother ivy came to america. but just as their american dream was starting, something kept getting in the way. "at the very beginning i couldn't speak english i couldn't understand english". here's where some people give up.but jim did something that's franklya&amazing. "when i came here it's during the middle of the summer break so i had some time to learn the english language online by myself".all by himself.but the road was still rockya&when i got to school it was still
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teachers."so how did he turn it around? he leaned on his support group. "after about one, one and a half semesters after the help of the teachers and classmates i feel pretty comfortable speaking english with others to communicate." then came a moment of inspiration.: "the big idea is to use little tutorials or videos."as a fast track to a new language and culture.: "to learn english or to adjust to the environment here in americaa&that turned into my english garden"a&jim's website "my english garden" helps people struggling with english. it's also a one stop shop for all things american, like science and culture. : "from the first day we came here we just got help from others"a& "we hope it will be a great place to let students in china to learn english and jim's ultimate dream is for his website to extent beyond all borders. "we hope my english garden will be accessed by many students not just in china"a& "all around ivy are growing a gardena& "i garden you plant the seed and you work hard to care for this grow and it will blossom into a beautiful flowerso that is the same thing with learning a language so when you plant the seed and you have this motivation to learn this language eventually after you which in this case is very fluent english." jim and his mom work with an army of volunteers and all of the tutorials on jim's website are free.tutorials on jim's all of the of volunteers and work with an army jim
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3 jim and his mom work with
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of the tutorials on jim's website are free. they're so grateful for the support they recieved here in tampa that they want to share what they learned with the rest of the world. 3 there's much more to come on good day. let's turn it over to russell and laura - to find out what's ahead in our 6 o'clock hour. 3 cheaters never prosper ... and sometimes they end up in the un-employment line .. coming up ... details on a cheating scandal in the pinellas county sheriff's office. 3 the air force is looking for ways to prevent mass shootings .... one option they say works ... more guns! 3 friend .. from calm relaxation ... to running for the hills ... a frightening change in the
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